Checking PHP version: OK

Checking PHP XML extension: OK

Checking PHP GD extension: OK

ERROR: ionCube Loader is not working properly file is missing!
Please upload this file inside the "fCMSBackend/ioncube/" folder of your fCMSPro installation.

You may download the appropriate package from Simply locate and download the zip file that corresponds with your webserver (as shown below). You should find the appropriate loader file inside this zip file.

Your web server information:

Operating system: "Linux"
Operating system version: "#1 SMP Thu Dec 15 20:31:06 MSK 2022"
Architecture: "x86_64"

For more information please click here

For even more information, visit ionCube web site

In the event that ionCube is still not working, please contact your webhoster and ask them to insert the following line into your file:

zend_extension = /<path>/fCMSTest/ioncube/

Note: The path above should be replaced by the location to the ionCube loader file that you uploaded to your server.

Checking MySQL version

Please insert the MySQL connection information so that the server version can be checked.